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Cost-Effective, Software-Only Solution

Patented Lightning Prediction

Experience the Future of Weather Forecasting for Golf Courses:

  • Free 60-day Trial of our Exclusive Patented Predictive Lightning Technology
  • Customized Weather Dashboard, Tailored to Your Course
  • Advanced Features: Hourly Lightning Forecasts, Rapid All-Clear Lightning Updates, Daily and Weekly Rainfall, Frost Alerts, and Real-Time Conditions
  • Proactive Lightning Alerts Delivered Directly to You via Text
  • Complimentary Demo to Enhance Safety and Boost Efficiency on Your Course
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Discover the Power of Flash Weather AI

A Guided Tour with Founder Jason Deese

  • Advanced AI-Driven Forecasts: Highly accurate, AI-powered weather predictions.
  • Lightning Prediction: Patented system for real-time lightning tracking.
  • Real-Time Precision: Updates every 2 minutes with more than 96% accuracy.
  • Customized Local Dashboard: Tailored weather information for specific locations.
  • Comprehensive Weather Data: Includes current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts.

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Please Note: Flash is presently accessible within the contiguous United States, Canada, and Mexico, provided the location is within 100 miles of the U.S. border. Expansion plans are underway to introduce Flash in Alaska, Hawaii, throughout Canada, and Mexico, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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"With Flash Weather AI, we've moved from guessing to confidently managing the weather. It's like having a pocket weather expert, assuring our members' safety and satisfaction."

- Ryan Coll, Director of Golf

Columbus Country Club, Ohio

Experience Premier Golf Weather Alerts with Confidence

Multiple Platforms. One Reliable Forecast.

Your All-Weather Maps Dashboard Includes:

  • Watches and Warnings
  • WBGT: Assessing heat stress outdoors
  • Flash First Strike: Lightning alerts
  • Flash Lightning Detection
  • Flash All-Clear: Weather safety confirmation
  • Current Radar and Lightning
  • Today’s Thunderstorm Outlook
  • Tomorrow’s Thunderstorm Outlook
  • Day - 3 Thunderstorm Outlook
  • Wind Gusts Over 30mph
  • Snow Total Over Next 3 Days
  • Flash Alerts (text/email predictive lightning alerts). Up to 10 users
  • Flash Weather App. Unlimited Users

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